Keeping those cals low ensures weight loss


Nobody is perfect. Many of us believe we can get rid a few pounds here or shed these love handles there. Heading out into the scorching sun with our tops off has probably put a lot of people’s body shapes into perspective so now is the time to lose that weight you’ve been obsessing over.

The first part of weight loss is to not jump in at the deep end. Someone who hasn’t exercised for years shouldn’t be heading out for two-hour runs. Not only will you not complete the run, you’ll feel depressed at not doing so. Start with a 10-minute run on a treadmill, up that to 15 minutes the next week, 20 minutes the week after and keep on progressing until you hit the 2-hour mark.

Successful weight loss

A combination of fruit, veg, protein and weight-loss shakes should also help shed those pounds. Again, you shouldn’t drop all of your favourite foods at once – diets that severely restrict calories or the types of food allowed can lead you to be the deficient in the important foods needed to keep the body healthy.

This isn’t to say that you can’t have a few cakes here and there. Everyone needs a treat sometimes. However, constantly munching food, cakes and sweets severely overloads the body with unnecessary calories. Replace fizzy drinks like Coke and Fanta with water, cut out snacking and stop taking sugar in tea and coffee and you should notice a difference in the coming weeks.


It’s a simple fact that the majority of office workers don’t get enough exercise during the day. By taking a 20 minute walk on a one hour lunch break, you can increase the amount of calories burned a day. By increasing the metabolism through eating spicy food, drinking green tea and performing lots of aerobic exercises, you can burn calories and get that body you’ve always wanted.

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